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Jonah Angeles

Insert descriptions of your dreams here; allow me to reenact them in paintings amongst the constellations.

Source: local_doctor (Adobe Stock)

welcome back online
it is time to remember
(who you really are)

A memoir about my journey of being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ADHD, and how these diagnoses deconstructed and reconstructed my world.

Photo by Jonah Angeles (Instagram: @channelsurfcinema)

Has there ever been a period of time when you felt so good or so hyper that other people thought you were not your normal self?

Photo by Jonah Angeles (Instagram: @channelsurfcinema)

You and I have loved each other since…

Source: Adobe Stock, Photo by Ded Pixto

In my headcanon, the Greek Gods were celestial beings—in other words, aliens from space—who came upon Earth, parked their Olympus UFO in the clouds, and got freaky with a bunch of primates and imparted godliness onto them, precipitating the evolution of primates into Homo sapiens.

Three brief poems about the media and its dystopian influence.

Photo by Jonah Angeles (Instagram: @channelsurfcinema)


strange (flavorless) fruit
shoot from world stage,
(strange juice)
diffuses downward,
manipulating masses,
advertising bankruptcy
of personalization.
I am what I am:
(broken, not adequate)
disguised emptiness.
I want to be
(what you want me to be).

run and hide

Photo by Olena (Source: Adobe Stock)

nowhere to go
nowhere to hide

they know where you live
alien in disguise

the CIA is looking for you
alien in disguise

Some words on the philosophy of radical acceptance and letting go of expectations in the face of chaos.

Photo by Mariia Korneeva, via Adobe Stock

If 2020 has continually reinforced any singular life lesson, it’s the following: the universe doesn’t care about your plans.

I am all four seasons at once, and then some (not yet discovered).

Source: Adobe Stock (Photo by blackday; edit by Jonah Angeles)
Source: Soundcloud (awsmtdlwav)

April is the cruelest month, breeding
lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
memory and desire, stirring

increased activity, energy,
grandiose beliefs,
decreased need for sleep;
racing thoughts,
markedly increased energy and
rapid speech — or is it

how far is a lightyear?

Photo by Jonah Angeles, via Glitch Lab
Jonah Angeles | SoundCloud

staring into a kaleidoscopic
vision behind closed eyelids

how does it feel to know one day this will end?

Photo by Jonah Angeles (@channelsurfcinema)

we were sitting oceanside,
your fingers digging into the sand

Jonah Angeles

Constantly battling writer's block.

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